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King David Hotel is one of the oldest Jerusalem hotels; a luxury hotel that began during the British Mandate


 and has a rich history. 

The hotel is very prestigious among hotels in Israel, and around the world.


It is located on King David Street in the center of Jerusalem, overlooking the Old City andMount Zion.


The hotel follows the history of Jerusalem from Israeli struggle for statehood, the War of Independence, the division of Jerusalem, the new union, to this day.


Among other things the hotel was known for destruction by the Irgun in 1946, and its frequent hosting of heads of state, dignitaries and famous people  during their visit to Jerusalem.

In 1929 a wealthy Jewish family of businessmen from Egypt, established the luxury hotel in Jerusalem. The was a joint venture among many people including Joseph Katwai Bay - at the time of Egypt's finance minister, baron Alfred Felix de Menashe from Alexandria. Economic feasibility calculations were based on the initiative of economic growth led to the illness of the British Mandate in Eretz Israel,which was accompanied by a substantial increase in traffic of pilgrims. Vigorous activities of the Zionist movement led a movement of activists, donors and politicians who come to Israel Jewish Jerusalem and meet with leaders and heads of mandated community Jewish - and those were potential customers of luxury hotel.

Family founded the hotel company Eretz Israel (Palestine Hotels Ltd.) for the investment in hotel construction. The company acquired from the Greek Orthodox Church in1929 a large area of about 18 acres on the street then called St. Julian "(later King David Street). The cost of acquisition of territory was 31,000 Palestine - a huge sum at the time. The area was chosen because of its location acquired financial - strategic, because the view of him. The area is located opposite walls of the Old City and the Tower of David, and against Mount Zion. The proximity of the hotel tower Uncle David's Tomb provided the inspiration for elected him - "King David" - King David. The name is to reflect majestically, as is the luxury hotels of Europe at that time, while being a Jewish country - Israel. The area is west to Gehenna, near the commercial center Inany case, Jewish neighborhoods Yemin Moshe and Israel camp. A few years ago built Central Jerusalem YMCA across the street, and completion of construction, two impressive buildings facing each other.